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Dental Care

Convenient on Site Dental Ancillary Services for SNF, Hospitals

At Elite Mobile Dental, we understand that a lot of people who want dental services can't come to an office. We provide your residents with comprehensive general and preventive dentistry to accommodate those individuals. Services are provided for patients in many parts of California. Our doctors have years of experience in mobile dentistry. 

Comprehensive Dental Services

Our initial examination and comprehensive treatment planning is based on the needs of each resident. It is our obligation to provide a dental examination for every resident at least once a year. We utilize complete and advanced mobile dental equipment that allows us to offer a wide range of dental procedures, including:

• Low Radiation Digital X-rays
• Fillings/restorations
• implants / Crowns & Bridges
• Root Canals

• Extractions
• Full & Partial Dentures
• Deep Cleaning

Dental Equipments

Highest Quality of Our Dental Lab

Having our own dental laboratory gives our dentists the opportunity to directly monitor the fabrication of dentures, crowns, and bridges. This is how we can achieve much higher quality prosthetics and great end result satisfaction for our patients.

Superior Communication and Exceptional Customer Service

Our dentists are committed to providing patients in nursing homes and all other facilities with most professional care. We routinly monitor our patients and provide them with all necessary treatments and follow-up. The Director of Social Services will be provided with summary visit form and efficient and detailed progress notes in accordance with the Department of Health guidelines after each visit.

We work closely with Medi-Cal to follow up on all recommendations. Additionally, we inform social services with a detailed report on the status of all recommendations, follow-ups, and TAR status. communication is the key ! We also make 24-hour or same-day visits for emergency cases. Our doctors ethically feel obligated to help many low income patinets that do not have dental insurances. 

Superior Results for Residents in Skilled Nursing Facilities

We provide full mobile dental services to nursing home residents, Alzheimer, Psychiatric Sub Acute units. This allows patients and residents to have access to adequate dental care, so they can maintain a high level of standard of care. In addition our team of RDHAPs and doctors focus on maintaining acceptable level of Oral Hygiene for medically compromised patients. 

Home Patients and assisted living home residents

Our dentists also perform care and treatment in private homes so that everyone has access to dental care. We serve those patients who may be  bed-bound or unable to receive dental care for reasons such as illness and disability or assited living home patients at the comfort of their own resident.